Adult Hockey

Skating Season is open. Please call the Hot Line first at 720-880-1391, as fluctuating weather and ice conditions can affect opening times.

Adult Hockey
Private Lessons Contact

Ice Skating Hot Line

All Hours Are Weather Permitting

Adult Hockey

Adult Drop-in Hockey

A rink with goals will be available for drop-in hockey games. Safety rules will be enforced. Regular admission fees are charged. Note: Goalies that show up with full gear will not be charged admission.

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Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Hockey Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Fee is per 1/2 hour. Call the Lake House at 720-880-1300 to schedule or for more information.
   Beg Hockey Power Hockey/Adv
 Type  Fee  Fee
 Private  $29  $34
 Semi-Private  $23  $29

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All users of Evergreen Lake facilities are charged the same service rates and fees. Evergreen Lake is part of the City and County of Denver Mountain Parks system.


Evergreen Lake House 720-880-1300
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