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Boat Rental Season is Over

Experience the Hottest Sport in America -- Stand Up Paddleboarding!

Stand Up Paddleboard AdEPRD is again offering the same great stand up paddleboarding (SUP) experiences at the lake. You can find us on the south shore of the lake in the wooden in a wooden building to the right of Evergreen Nature Center, offers the region’s most competitive prices. Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), or “Hoe he'e nalu,” is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. It gives participants a strong core workout, can be mastered in less than an hour, and is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors in Evergreen against the serene mountain backdrop.

EPRD offers hourly SUP rentals, private/semi-private lessons, SUP Yoga and fitness classes at Evergreen Lake. Rentals times mirror our boating hours and can be on found on the boating/sailing page. They also offer special events throughout the boating season such as Night Paddling (alongside EPRD’s Night Boating).


Daily rental costs (1 hour minimum, first come, first serve)
   •   Adults -- $15.00 per person - per hour, no reservations
   •   Youths (ages 9 - 17) -- $15.00 per person - per hour
       (Note: Youth under 13 must have parent/guardian signed waiver)
       •   Youth ages 8 & younger must ride with their parents on the same board
       •   Youth ages 9-12 can go out on their own board with parents okay
       •   Youth ages 13 & over can rent boards on their own
   •   Two-hour private and semi-private lessons are $80 per person.
   •   Group lessons (3-8 people) are $60 per person.
All rentals include all equipment and a 5-minute instructional lesson.
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Fitness Classes

5-Punch cards are available for purchase for $75.00 at Buchanan Park and Wulf Recreation Centers, which allows participants to call Buchanan Park Rec Center 720-880-1110 at 7:00 PM the night prior to class to reserve a board. You CAN NOT use the punch card the day of class. Drop ins ONLY available day of class for $16.00. For the SUP fitness class schedule click here.

Sridaiva Paddleboard Yoga

Sridaiva is a postural alignment practice that places the natural curves back into the spine. All systems are strengthened when the muscles of the front and back of the body are conditioned with optimal alignment. This will create profound therapeutic change by supporting a healthy spine, pelvis and mental attitude. Curious? Take yourself to a higher vibration and radiance by experiencing this introductory workshop. Our class will define all basic alignments of the bowspring and proper positioning for the hands, feet, legs and arms.
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Other Information

   •   There is no swimming in the lake. Please help keep you safe and support
       our conservation of the lake by helping us keep on top of the water.
   •   PFD’s or Life Jackets must be worn at all times, no exceptions.
   •   During any weather delay due to lightning, there will be at least a 20 minute waiting period.
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Brad Bednar Lake House Manager 720-880-1311
Kendra Lind For Fitness Classes
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