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Boat & Paddleboard Rental Season is Over

Experience the Hottest Sport in America -- Stand Up Paddleboarding!

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), or “Hoe he’e nalu,” is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. It gives participants a strong core workout, can be mastered in less than an hour, and is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors in Evergreen against the serene mountain backdrop.

EPRD offers hourly SUP rentals, SUP Yoga/fitness classes and private/semi-private lessons at Evergreen Lake. Rentals times begin two hours earlier than boating (8 AM) and schedule can be on found on the boating/sailing page. There are special events throughout the boating season such as Night Paddling (alongside EPRD’s Night Boating).


Daily rental costs (1 hour minimum, first come, first served)
   •   Adults - $20 per person per hour, no reservations
   •   Youths (ages 9 - 17) - $20 per person per hour
       (Note: Youth under 13 must have parent/guardian signed waiver)
       •   Youth ages 8 & younger must ride with their parents on the same board
       •   Youth ages 9 - 12 can go out on their own board with parents okay
       •   Youth ages 13 & over can rent boards on their own
   •   Two-hour private and semi-private lessons are $80 per person. Group lessons (3-8 people)
       are $60 per person. Contact Susan Wescott at 720.880.1112 or to schedule
       a lesson.
All rentals include equipment and a 5-minute instructional lesson.
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SUP Fitness Classes

SUP Fitness classes are over - will return summer 2018

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

Paddle around scenic Evergreen Lake. The instructor will lead you to a perfect spot to move through a yoga practice. Great for building balance, coordination, and strength. Enjoy a guided meditation at the end of class. Beginner to advanced yogis and paddlers welcome!

SUP Yoga for Every”body”

Come one, come all for this SUP Yoga class. Come enjoy the ancient practice of yoga combined with stand-up paddle boarding. Yoga on a stand-up paddle board will invigorate you and push you to become better at yoga while you enjoy floating on the water! All levels welcome.

Paddleboard Fitness Class Fees

5-Punch cards are available for purchase for $75 at both Rec Centers. Call 720-880-1100 after 7 PM the night prior to class to reserve a board. Drop-ins available for $16.
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Paddleboard Races

1st Annual Paddleboard Race Results

Kelly Beard won the adult 36-59 division of Evergreen Park & Recreation District's first Stand Up Paddleboard Race on Evergreen Lake on Saturday, July 15, 2017. Justin Beard finished first in the Adult 18-35 division and Marian Schwabauer won the senior division. Competitors took loops around the 40-acre lake, with adults traveling 1,000 yards and seniors 750 yards.
Here are the winners of each division:
Adult 36-60 Division
1st     Kelly Beard
2nd    Adam Cadwallader
3rd     Liz Bent
Adult 18-36 Division
1st     Justin Beard
2nd    Jillian Heisler
3rd     Mackenzie Wyman
Senior Division
1st    Marian Schwabauer
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Other Information

   •   There is no swimming in the lake.
   •   PFD’s or Life Jackets must be worn at all times, no exceptions.
   •   During any weather delay due to lightning, there will be at least a 20 minute waiting period.
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All users of Evergreen Lake facilities are charged the same service rates and fees. Evergreen Lake is part of the City and County of Denver Mountain Parks system.


Brad Bednar Recreation Supervisor - Lake House 720-880-1311
Susan Wescott Fitness Specialist 720-880-1112
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