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Please call the Hot Line first at 720-880-1391, as fluctuating weather can affect opening times.

Experience the Hottest Sport in America -- Stand Up Paddleboarding!

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), or “Hoe he’e nalu,” is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. It gives participants a strong core workout, can be mastered in less than an hour, and is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors in Evergreen against the serene mountain backdrop.

EPRD offers hourly SUP rentals and private/semi-private lessons at Evergreen Lake and SUP Yoga and fitness classes at Buchanan Ponds. Rentals times have changed and will be opening two hours earlier than boating (8:00 AM) and can be on found on the boating/sailing page. There are special events throughout the boating season such as Night Paddling (alongside EPRD’s Night Boating).


Daily rental costs (1 hour minimum, first come, first served)
   •   Adults - $20 per person per hour, no reservations
   •   Youths (ages 9 - 17) - $20 per person per hour
       (Note: Youth under 13 must have parent/guardian signed waiver)
       •   Youth ages 8 & younger must ride with their parents on the same board
       •   Youth ages 9 - 12 can go out on their own board with parents okay
       •   Youth ages 13 & over can rent boards on their own
   •   Two-hour private and semi-private lessons are $80 per person. Group lessons (3-8 people)
       are $60 per person. Contact Kendra Lind at 720.880.1226 or to schedule a
All rentals include equipment and a 5-minute instructional lesson.
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Fitness Classes at Buchanan Ponds

5-Punch cards are available for purchase for $75 DR $90 NDR at Buchanan Park and Wulf Recreation Centers, which allows participants to call Buchanan Park Rec Center at 720-880-1100 after 7:00 PM the night prior to class to reserve a board. Drop-ins available day of class for $16 DR $20 NDR.
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Other Information

   •   There is no swimming in the lake.
   •   PFD’s or Life Jackets must be worn at all times, no exceptions.
   •   During any weather delay due to lightning, there will be at least a 20 minute waiting period.
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Brad Bednar Lake House Manager 720-880-1311
Kendra Lind For Fitness Classes/Private Lessons 720-880-1226
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