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Glow Run

Glow RunNew! Glow Run 5k

Join us for a one-of-a-kind glow-in-the-dark park experience! This event is less about how fast you run a 5K but more about enjoying an evening with your family and friends. After the run, enjoy caramel apples and non-alcoholic hot beverages. So put your glow gear on and join us! (Glow-in-the-dark necklaces will be provided). Location: Alderfer Park. Fees reduced! ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. DAY OF REGISTRATION AVAILABLE AT 6PM.

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Evergreen Trail Racing Series

How tough are you? Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) invites runners to compete in the 2016 Evergreen Trail Racing Series, a five-race series of running events on mountainous terrain around scenic Evergreen.
Distances range from a 5k to an epic half-marathon to the top of Bergen Peak (elevation 9,708 feet), a climb of well over 2,000 vertical feet.

Race registration is $35 in advance and $40 race day - or register for ALL 5 races for $140, which means you get one race for FREE! Races start at 8:00 AM (pre-registration opens at 7:00 AM.)

Pick up your race bib and visor on race day. Please bring a reusable water bottle to the races. There will be no water/aid stations on the course; this Series will be cup-free.  Walkers are discouraged for safety reasons.
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Elk Meadow Trail Race 5k & 10k - June 4

Andrew Adamowski finished first in the Elk Meadow Trail Race 5K on Saturday, June 4, 2016, in 19 minutes and 30 seconds. Brandi Erholz was the first woman (and third finisher overall) in 24:28.

In the 10K, Geoff Miller was the first finisher in 49:24, while Alex Klebe led the women in 50:10. About 120 people competed in the Elk Meadow 5K and 10K Trail Races, organized by Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD), on a warm, sunny morning in Elk Meadow Open Space Park.

Erholz, the 5K winner, is teaching Evergreen Park & Recreation District 's new Youth Trail Running Class this summer at Alderfer Barn. She ran the race five months pregnant.

Due to a computer malfunction, the 5k results were not attainable.
10K Overall Race Results
Male 20-29 Kevin-Druis Merenda (50:26)
Jeff Cuno (54:06)
Female 20-29 Kirsten Blagg (1:02:37)
Kelsey Bilsback (1:05:01)
Samantha Guerra (1:29:15)
Male 30-39 Brian Hansen (50:33)
Peter Krzaonowsky (51:04)
Kevin Barnhart (54:24)
Female 30-39 Laura Harger (51:41)
Lexi Landers (54:52)
Natalie Brockevldt (1:02:49)
Male 40-49 Geoff Miller (49:24)
Thomas Palaia (49:59)
Kevin Thomas Chenoweth (56:44)
Female 40-49 Jodi Crutchfield (1:02:23)
Katie Scattergood (1:05:53)
Sarah Gillingham (1:06:33)
Male 50-59 David Kelble (1:08:50)
GB Heidarsson (1:10:09)
Allen Leggett (1:19:48)
Female 50-59 Lisa Sieders (1:01:53)
Valerie Shockley (1:08:36)
JoEllen Carter (1:11:44)
Male 60+ David Watts (1:05:32) Female 60+ Amy C Lease (1:03:12)
Shane Holonitch (1:07:19)
Becky Keller (1:27:29)

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Evergreen Mountain 15k - July 9

Palken, Garcia Prevail in Evergreen Mountain 15K
Greg Palken won the Evergreen Mountain 15K on July 9, 2016, at Alderfer/Three Sisters Park in a blistering time of 1 hour, 8 minutes and 22 seconds. Kevin Gravina placed second in 1:08.26. Rachel Garcia was the first woman to finish the challenging race to the top of Evergreen Mountain, in 1:24:27.

Ninety people competed in the race, which was the second event in the 2016 Evergreen Trail Racing Series, five races on challenging mountainous terrain in and around Evergreen put on by Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD). The race took participants past the Three Sisters and Brother rock formations and 1,000 feet up Evergreen Mountain (8,400 feet elevation) before sprinting down the mountain to the finish.
15k Overall Race Results
Male Female
Male 20-29 Kevin Druis Merenda (1:17:02)
Jeff Cuno (1:19:50)
Gregory LaBlanc (1:26:47)
Female 20-29 Missy Krause (1:32:03)
Alison Hogeboom (1:45:39)
Aly McDowell (1:47:20 )
Male 30-39 Kevin Gravina (1:08:26)
Brent Levy (1:08:57)
Ben Cassedy (1:17:43)
Female 30-39 Kate Levy (1:25:18)
Stephanie Hochman (1:31:59)
Deb Wilch (1:36:21)
Male 40-49 John D. McCready (1:16:50)
Craig Gulliford (1:23:03)
Clint Steffens (1:26:21)
Female 40-49 Jodi Crutchfield (1:38:42)
Stacey Malerba (1:48:57)
Lori Dollard (1:49:40)
Male 50-59 Troy A. Eid (1:19:55)
David Kelble (1:50:26)
Walter Dollard (1:53:31)
Female 50-59 Cynthia Ferrer (1:57:04)
Lori A. McAnish (2:07:12)
Cathy Kechter (2:07:30)
Male 60+ Charles Ross Westley (1:16:16)
Stephen Parker (1:27:01)
Bill Barrett (1:47:28)
Female 60+ Tricia Campbell (2:10:51)
Shane Holonitch (2:57:05)

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Meyer Ranch Park 5-Mile - Aug 6

Jay Vogel and Amanda McPherson dominated the Meyer Ranch 5-Mile Trail Race on a fall-like Saturday morning, August 6, in Conifer. The race marked the first time the Evergreen Trail Racing Series held an event in Conifer, and 42 people registered to run.

Vogel finished the steep course in 37 minutes and 12 seconds, more than 3 minutes ahead of second-place finisher Bryan Galante, who posted a time of 40:49. The third man was Jeff Cuno in 43:04.

McPherson finished in 50:33, followed by Jen Meador in 53:38 and Jodi Crutchfield in 53:56.

This was the third race in the Evergreen Trail Racing Series, a five-race series of running events on mountainous terrain in and around scenic Evergreen.
5-Mile Overall Race Results
Male 20-29 Jeff Cuno (43:04)
Austin Dumas (46:21)
Female 20-29 Melisa Panagakos (56:03)
Taylor Buffington (1:31:27)
Male 30-39 Bryan Peter Galante (40:49)
Brian Hansen (43:37)
Paul Roberts (44:01)
Female 30-39 Jen Meador (53:38)
Shannon McNeill (53:59)
Carly Burke (55:33)
Male 40-49 Matt Thomson (43:11)
David Weiland (49:40)
Nathan VanRaemdonck (53:57)
Female 40-49 Jodi Crutchfield (53:56)
Stacey Malerba (59:30)
Stephanie Knudson (1:07:18)
Male 50-59 Clark Fox (44:35)
Gavin Attwood (58:39)
David Kelbe (1:04:42)
Female 50-59 Dorothy Ann Lochert (58:52)
Cynthia Ferrer (1:06:33)
Lisa Austin (1:09:57)
Male 60+ N/A Female 60+ Theresa Daus-Weber (1:03:42)

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Bergen Peak Half Marathon - August 27

Ryan Haebe dominated the grueling Bergen Peak Half Marathon on Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016, running the 13.1-mile trail race to the top of Bergen Peak in 1 hour, 39 minutes and 21 seconds. Haebe finished almost seven minutes ahead of second-place finisher Colin McGrath, who ran the race in 1:46:11.

Korinne Jew ran away from the women's field, completing the course in 2:09:10, well ahead of second-place woman Yasuyo Kitano's 2:15:42 effort. See photos.
Half Marathon - Overall Race Results
Male 10-19 Benjamin DeYoung (2:20:02) Female 10-19 N/A
Male 20-29 Colin McGrath (1:46:11)
Andrew Nuttall (1:57:11)
Kevin - Druis Merenda (2:03:41)
Female 20-29 Kaylen Riley (2:28:31)
Kirsten Blagg (2:30:56)
Alison Hogeboom (2:42:05)
Male 30-39 Samuel Camaraia (2:03:14)
Frederick T. Dreir (2:05:15)
Brian Hansen (2:10:32)
Female 30-39 Hillary Osborne (2:17:06)
Brenna Scronce (2:27:06)
Carly Burke (2:31:30)
Male 40-49 Joe Ziegenfuss (1:56:50)
Mike Bateman (1:56:52)
Joe Spalding (2:02:05)
Female 40-49 Yasuyo Kitano (2:15:42)
Julia Purrington (2:20:43)
Catherine DeMaio (2:33:31)
Male 50-59 JP Lande (2:16:36)
David Jay Wald (2:31:24)
Michael Terry (2:57:59)
Female 50-59 Justine Miani (2:52:25)
Lee Rumbles (2:52:48)
Lori McAnish (3:06:53)
Male 60+ Bill Barrett (2:58:46)
Richard Smith (3:02:49)
Marshall Ulrich (3:37:28)
Female 60+ N/A

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Fall EverGold 10-Mile Run - October 1

Oliva, Kassir Prevail In Fall EverGold 10-Miler
Michael Oliva easily won the Fall EverGold 10-Miler at Lair o' the Bear Park on Saturday, October 1, covering the course in 1 hour, 15, minutes and 21 seconds. Gerod Green was the second finisher, in 1:17:18.

Kayla Grace Kassir was the first woman, posting a time of 1:37:37. She was followed by Catherine DeMaio in 1:38:22.

About 50 people competed in the scenic trail race along Bear Creek and up the mountain to Pence Park, which wrapped up Evergreen Park & Recreation District's 2016 Evergreen Trail Racing Series, a five-race series of running events on mountainous terrain around scenic Evergreen.
10-Mile Overall Race Results
Male 20-29 Gerod Green (1:17:18)
Cole Rickard (1:20:19)
Jeff Cuno (1:23:16)
Female 20-29 Selby Shlosberg (2:30:00)
Male 30-39 Scott Stanford (1:35:28)
John DeVore (1:36:35)
Brad Williams (1:44:13)
Female 30-39 Amy Burhorn (1:42:16)
Tracy Clark (1:43:55)
Michelle Frye (1:52:15)
Male 40-49 Erik Frank (1:21:02)
Bill Lyons (1:23:34)
Ben Earthman (1:32:53)
Female 40-49 Catherine DeMaio (1:38:22)
Mary Welch (1:41:06)
Jodi Crutchfield (1:44:02)
Male 50-59 Grant Lejonvarn (1:32:49)
Russ Kutzman (1:35:58)
William Alan Gay (1:46:11)
Female 50-59 JoEllen Carter (2:06:29)
Renee Botta (2:13:32)
Lisa Austin (2:14:46)
Male 60+ Richard Smith (1:55:10)
Dave Swink (2:20:12)
Female 60+ N/A

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Evergreen Trail Race Series (Package of 5)

Register for all 5 races for only $140. Cost of each race is $35 for preregistration, $40 day-of. Registration includes a technical shirt. Will return in the spring 2017.

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PLEASE NOTE: In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen trail conditions the race director reserves the right to delay, cancel, move or reschedule the race. There will be no refunds in the event of a race cancellation.


Kendra Lind Recreation Supervisor - Programs 720-880-1226
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