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2017 Summer Camps

2017 Summer Camp Insert Cover

Summer Camps

Registration is now open for ALL summer camps below:

   •   Preschool Adventure
   •   Summer Adventure
   •   Special Needs Adventure
   •   Outdoor Adventure
   •   Leader in Training
   •   Sports Camps
   •   Specialty Camps including Gymnastics Specialized Camps and
       Sailing Camps Register early as our camps fill up!

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease & Essential Tremor

Who is susceptible? What are the symptoms? What are the best treatment options?
Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the nervous system that affects movement, muscle control, balance and cognition. The disease touches people of all ages, but most frequently occurs in individual’s aged 55-75. Approximately 60,000 people are diagnosed in the United States every year. At any given time, there are roughly 3,000-4,000 individuals on the Front Range that could benefit from improved treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

Please join us for a free presentation and question and answer session on Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor by: Neurosurgeon David VanSickle, MD, PHD.

Wednesday, May 31 from 3 - 5 PM
Buchanan Park Recreation Center
32003 Ellingwood Trail
Evergreen, CO 80439

Light refreshments served

2017 EPRD Summer Concert Series

Evergreen Lake Concerts

EPRD Summer Concert Series

Join EPRD for the 20th anniversary EPRD Summer Concert Series. Free outdoor concerts at Evergreen Lake begin June 7 and run every other Wednesday from 5 - 9 PM through August 30. Enjoy a picnic under the stars while you enjoy music from a range of talent, both local and national. It's an unforgettable summer experience!

Wednesday, June 7 Open Space, with Denver Jazz Club Youth All-Stars
Wednesday, June 21 Something Underground, with Augustus
Wednesday, July 5 The Lonesome Days, with Ignatius Reilly
Wednesday, July 19 Curtis Grimes, with Mumblin' Cousins
Wednesday, August 2 Michael Hornbuckle, with Johnny T and The House Brew Band
Wednesday, August 16 Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal, with El Javi
Wednesday, August 30 Tunisia, with Subject2Change

Let's DOO It! Campaign

Lets Doo ItLet's DOO It! EPRD Promotes Dog Waste Disposal

Evergreen Park & Rec District is joining Jeffco Open Space and City of Lakewood to encourage people to clean up after their pets through the “Let’s DOO It!” educational campaign.

Here’s why:
   •   Poop smells bad, ruins the experience of other park visitors, and is a terrible waste of scenery!
   •   Dog waste doesn’t break down like wild animal waste. Left alone, it fouls the water and land.
   •   Dog waste can contain such harmful organisms as E. coli, giardia, salmonella, roundworms, hookworms and cryptosporidium, which can be passed on to people and other pets.

So the “Let DOO It!” campaign has been launched, with “Let’s DOO It!” magnets on trashcans, signs at trailheads, social media posts, Smelly Facts cards, and in-person visitor engagement. Jeffco Open Space interns have even created a short video (below) to encourage people to clean up after pets. EPRD parks employees will be handing out plastic bag containers shaped like dog bones, which can be attached to leashes for easy access. Learn more.

Click here to take the pledge now.

North Trail Update

GOCOEvergreen North Lake Trail Update

Evergreen Park & Recreation District has been awarded a $100,000 grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) to support completing an engineering analysis, feasibility study and planning Trail Closure Mapprocess to create an accessible trail on the north side of Evergreen Lake.

A portion of the Evergreen Lake Trail between Upper Bear Creek Road and Evergreen Dam has been closed since spring 2016 due to unstable conditions. The solution requires the securing of funds and coordination of a number of local and state organizations and agencies.

EPRD and other stakeholders involved are looking at the possible creation of a multimodal system to accommodate the growing number of trail users, with an ADA-compliant pedestrian boardwalk along the water's edge featuring push-outs for fishing and wildlife viewing, and a paved bicycle segment alongside Highway 74 on the north side of Evergreen Lake.

"The Evergreen North Lake Trail Planning Project provides vital infrastructure to local residents and the thousands of people who visit Evergreen each year. Whether they are strolling, hiking, riding a bike, pushing a stroller or propelling a wheelchair, this trail is a crucial link in the heart of our mountain community," says EPRD Executive Director Ellen O'Connor. "We are grateful to GOCO for investing in EPRD efforts to repair, and in fact enhance the north trail."

The grant was part of GOCO's new Connect Initiative trail planning grant program, which provides funding for trail projects for design engineering and master planning to help them get shovel-ready for construction grants also offered through the Connect Initiative.

Funding Efforts
Over the last four months, EPRD has amassed more than $400,000 to use toward both short- and long-term solutions to improve the North Lake Trail, including EPRD matching funds. The first step, which is already underway, will be to assess current conditions and develop feasible repairs that could allow the trail to be reopened as soon as possible.

The GOCO funds will be added to previous awards EPRD has secured:
   •   $25,000 from the Colorado Division of Local Affairs (DOLA) to assist in the geotechnical, civil,
       geometric, drainage and structural engineering analysis to recommend short-term solutions to
       stabilize the site and long-term solutions for a multimodal transportation system
   •   $12,500 from Evergreen Metropolitan District for the preliminary engineering study
   •   $199,500 from the Colorado Department of Transportation's Transportation Alternatives
       Program for final design and engineering of a multi-modal transportation system that will
       improve the damaged portion and improve the trail to better accommodate both cyclists and

Engineering Study
The preliminary engineering study will include geotechnical, civil, geometric, drainage and structural engineering analysis to assess existing conditions. It will then make recommendations for short-term repair alternatives to stabilize the site and long-term improvement alternatives to provide a multimodal transportation system. The study will also make initial planning and design recommendations for the new trail. The TAP grant funds will then be used to complete design and ascertain construction specifications.

The GOCO grant will ensure EPRD can move forward with this highly-demanded but complex, multi-jurisdictional project between Denver Mountain Parks, the Colorado Department of Transportation, Evergreen Metropolitan District, Jefferson County and EPRD. The District aims to complete the planning process by early 2018.

January 2017 Update:
EPRD has selected Muller Engineering Company to conduct the preliminary engineering study and the contract will be executed in the next week or two. This study will be partially funded by a $25,000 grant from the Department of Local Affairs, along with contributions from EPRD and Evergreen Metropolitan District, and we anticipate its completion in May 2017.

The next step will be a Trail Planning Project to Preliminary Design for the pedestrian element of the recommended multimodal system. The Planning Project will be funded by a $100,000 trail planning grant from GOCO, and leverages the preliminary engineering study discussed above, funded by DOLA, EPRD and Evergreen Metropolitan District. The planning process is anticipated to begin in May 2017 and to be completed in late fall 2017.

Once a long-term multimodal system is preliminarily designed and planned, the last step will be to move forward to final design and engineering for the long-term, multimodal system for the North Lake Trail. This Final Design & Engineering project is planned to begin in CDOT’s FY2018.

March 2017 Update:
Permits for the soil borings have been obtained for the Preliminary Engineering Study. The on-site testing is planned to occur the week of March 20, 2017 between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM or after 7 PM. Traffic may be impacted during those hours, as the eastbound lane of SH 74 will be closed during work activities. We appreciate your patience during this process.

April/May 2017 Update:
Soil boring was successfully completed on March 22, 2017. The geotechnical engineer’s materials testing laboratory are currently analyzing them.

A field visit and data collection effort was performed on April 13, 2017. Measurements of wall characteristics were collected to aid in the development of short and long-term alternatives. EPRD’s Preliminary Engineering Study/Phase I contractor, Muller Engineering Company, continues to keep other stakeholders such as Evergreen Metropolitan District and CDOT involved and informed through their process.

Phase I is scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2017. Following completion of Phase I, EPRD will begin the Planning Process to Preliminary Design (Phase II). This Phase will vet alternatives to the public and align stakeholders to move forward together toward preliminary design. Subsequently, the last planning step for the long-term, multimodal system will be the North Lake Trail The Final Design & Engineering Project (Phase III).

Project updates are provided to the EPRD Board of Directors during the monthly board meetings. Click here to see schedule of meetings and meeting minutes.