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2018 Special Olympics Basketball Showcase

Special Olympics Basketball ShowcaseEPRD Special Olympics Athletes Partner With EHS Students

Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) presents its annual Special Olympics Basketball Showcase on Sunday, January 28 2018, in the Evergreen High School gym.

The event, starting at 5 PM, will give Special Olympians an opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy a unified basketball game with the EHS Girls and Boys Basketball Teams.

It will be during held during EHS Spirit Week and all Student Senate members will be in attendance and assist in the preparations.

Hero Ceremony
In a short ceremony just before the game, EPRD will honor local heroes who have supported the special needs community.

The Hero presentation honors outstanding community members for unselfish acts of kindness to people with disabilities. This year's heroes include:

   •   Scott Messler of Pro Sonic Solutions, who every year on New Year's Day provides the sound
       system for the Evergreen Lake Plunge fundraiser
   •   John Erlandson, for holding fundraising concerts for years to benefit EPRD's Special
       Populations Program
   •   Alan Gionet, the CBS newsman and community member who has been emcee for the
       Evergreen Lake Plunge for years and helped promote the program through the media
   •   Bob Greenman, who has actively supported EPRD's Special Populations Program through
       volunteering and donations for years
   •   Steve Patterson, for helping out with the Special Olympics Golf Program and giving the
       participants a chance to use the driving range at Hiwan Golf Club
   •   Audrey and Andy Smith, who have participated, played and been title sponsor through
       Evergreen Oil of the Andy Smith Sr. Special Needs Memorial Golf Tournament fundraiser
       for years
   •   Mountain Foothills Rotary, for adopting, volunteering and financially supporting EPRD's
       Special Populations Program

This year's event will also feature an opportunity to buy Evergreen Ice Melt tickets (through Mountain Foothills Rotary Club) and Cards for a Cause (through the Special Needs Job Training group that works on domestic and job skills for people with disabilities), two fundraisers that support EPRD's Special Populations Program.

5 - 5:15 PM - Hero presentation
5:15 - 6:30 PM - Clinic and Game
6:30 - 7 PM - Party and Awards

Sponsors include Evergreen Clothing Company, Baskin Robbins, Messler Enterprises, OracleCheryl Newhall Photography and Colorado Special Olympics.

More Information Contact Maren Schreiber, EPRD's Special Populations Coordinator, at or 720-880-1219.

Ice Safety

Ice Safety

Ice on Evergreen Lake

Even though the rinks are open, be aware that the groomed area is the ONLY place on Evergreen Lake where the ice is tested daily to assure it's safe. Fishing or walking anywhere else is at your own risk, so please use common sense and stay safe. Download the Ice Safety brochure here.

Evergreen Wedding & Event Showcase

Free Evergreen Wedding & Event Showcase

Couples, businesses, organizations and non-profits are invited to attend the 2018 Evergreen Wedding & Event Showcase, being held at Evergreen Lake House on Sunday, April 22 from 1 - 4 PM.

Overlooking scenic Evergreen Lake and framed by ponderosa pine forest, Evergreen Lake House provides an idyllic mountain setting for weddings, parties, special events and meetings.

Located just half an hour from Denver, the Lake House hosts events year round, combining the elegance of vaulted ceilings and dazzling views from every window with the rustic log cabin charm of a mountain getaway.

The Wedding & Event Showcase offers participants the opportunity to sample food while experiencing the ambiance of Evergreen Lake House and gathering information about special event vendors and service providers. PREREGISTER at 720-880-1310 to be entered into the event raffle.

Evergreen Lake House is a LGBTQ-friendly venue operated by Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD). It is located at 29612 Upper Bear Creek Rd., Evergreen, CO 80439. (MAP) 

Learn more about Evergreen Lake House here. The wedding brochure is also available online.

For more information about the Wedding & Event Showcase or to preregister to be entered into the event raffle, please email Lorna Bleck at, or call 720-880-1310.

Let's DOO It! Campaign

Lets Doo ItLet's DOO It! EPRD Promotes Dog Waste Disposal

Evergreen Park & Rec District is joining Jeffco Open Space and City of Lakewood to encourage people to clean up after their pets through the “Let’s DOO It!” educational campaign. Here’s why:
   •   Poop smells bad, ruins the experience of other park visitors, and is a terrible waste of scenery!
   •   Dog waste doesn’t break down like wild animal waste. Left alone, it fouls the water and land.
   •   Dog waste can contain such harmful organisms as E. coli, giardia, salmonella, roundworms, hookworms and cryptosporidium, which can be passed on to people and other pets.

So the “Let DOO It!” campaign has been launched, with “Let’s DOO It!” magnets on trashcans, signs at trailheads, social media posts, Smelly Facts cards, and in-person visitor engagement. Jeffco Open Space interns have even created a short video (below) to encourage people to clean up after pets. EPRD parks employees will be handing out plastic bag containers shaped like dog bones, which can be attached to leashes for easy access. Learn more.

Click here to take the pledge now.