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Fitness Classes

Miss Fit Girls® (ages 10 - 16)

Miss Fit Girls® is a yoga-based program that promotes time for girls (ages 10-16) to connect, encourage, accept, strengthen, and celebrate themselves and each other. Through traditional yoga poses and relaxation techniques, girls are given time to appreciate their bodies, listen to their own thoughts and calm the turbulent waters of their energized spirits. Through breathing practices, open talk time and movement, they take skills with them off the mat and into their real life. Sign up for the 6-session series or drop in to a class.

Week 1 (Physical) - We focus on the movements and uniqueness of our individual bodies as well as our similarities. 

Week 2 (Mental) - We focus on breathing techniques that invigorate as well as those that relax, listening in on the “tapes” we play in our minds and using yoga and affirmations to set our own “playlist.”

Week 3 (Emotional) - We incorporate aromatherapy into our yoga practice, using poses plus essential oils to enhance or defuse our emotional state.
Week 4 (Social) - The art of letting go. Working with breathing techniques to balance the brain, we go deeper with guided meditation to release the past.
Week 5 (Spiritual) - Recapping the previous four weeks, we bring them together to connect ourselves to our body, mind and spirit. We stretch the body, relax the mind and celebrate the spirit.
Week 6 (TBA)

MFG Yoga® is based on traditional yoga poses set to today’s music. This is not their parents’ yoga -- it’s their yoga; it’s their time. The business of teens’ lives and the constant distractions can cause chaos and confusion. MFG Yoga® gives them the time they need to reset their systems. It doesn’t mean they agree with all the changes and challenges. It does, however, give them time to listen to their truth about their world and how to flow with it. Location: Buchanan Park Rec Center. For the complete schedule, please click on the Register Online button.

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MFG Yoga Fusion (ages 14 - 17)

MFG Yoga Fusion is traditional yoga plus cardio strengthening and relaxation techniques. This class will assist in releasing stress, strengthening and toning, discovering how to regulate their emotions while calming the mind, body and spirit. Location:Wulf Rec Center For the complete schedule, please click on the Register Online button.

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Playschool Art & Music Classes

Awesome Art & Music Magic

Awesome ArtThese 2 classes provide a fun and exciting Fun Factory environment for children to explore and learn the fundamental concepts of creativity in the arts. We encourage parents to sign up for both classes in order for their children to be a part of free play, art, snack, story time, playground and music. Parents can workout or leave the recreation center. For the complete schedule, please click on the Register Online button.

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