Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Skating Season is Over

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All Hours Are Weather Permitting

Learn to Skate Classes

Register online, at the Lake House or either Rec Center. Always call the Hot Line before you leave for the lake. Do not drop off children for classes without being SURE that skating has not been closed because of ice and weather conditions.

Note: Please arrive early to rent skates, and prepare for skating before the start of class by checking in at the “registration table” and receive a “lesson ticket” to be used for all lessons. Helmets are strongly advised.

Learn To Skate - Beginner (ages 3 - 9)

Learn how to stand, walk and fall down properly on skates. The class progresses to learning how to glide and stop. Will return in the winter 2017.

Learn to Skate - Intermediate (ages 6 - 9)

Continues to work on gliding and stopping combined with turning and edging. Will return in the winter 2017.
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Advanced Skating (ages 7+)

For children 7 years and older wanting to increase their skating skills, we recommend private/semi-private lessons.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Skate-Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Fee is per 1/2 hour. Call the Lake House at 720-880-1300 to schedule or for more information.
By Appointment Fee
Private $31
Semi-private $25

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All users of Evergreen Lake facilities are charged the same service rates and fees. Evergreen Lake is part of the City and County of Denver Mountain Parks system.


Brad Bednar Recreation Supervisor - Lake House 720-880-1311
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