Board of Directors Photo of Nina Armah, Mary McGee, Peter Eggers, Don Rosenthal, and Betsy Hays

Current Board Members

The following is a list of the Board of Directors, each with title, expiration of term, and email address:

Peter Eggers, President

Term expires: May 2025

"I came here to Evergreen in 1971 and was stunned by its natural beauty and hometown feel. I never left. Peggy and I met here, were married, and had 4 children: our true natives. We love Evergreen. Evergreen is a community of Volunteers; no City Council, no Mayor, just citizen leaders wanting to make a difference and to help our community grow. I felt compelled to be part of that, and serving on the EPRD Board is my way of connecting with the community to help it thrive. We lead through service, and I feel privileged to be part of a group of so many who feel the same. My goal has always been to improve the quality of life for all of us in Evergreen, because, working together, we can.
EPRD Board of Directors: 1992-2004, 2008-2012, 2022-present. This is my 5th term. "
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Betsy Hays, First Vice President

Term expires: May 2025

As a 25-year resident, Betsy Hays has served the public as a leader in everything from scouts to sports to PTA and nonprofits to the Chamber of Commerce to her current role as Director of Resource Development for Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice. She knows how to effectively get things done here in Jefferson County through collaboration and communication. As a Board member, she enjoys working with multiple entities for the good of all concerned. Her goal on the EPRD Board is to be a good steward for our community working with fellow Board members to enhance the district, complete projects such as the Evergreen Lake North Trail and put into place a strategic plan that the current and future Board and staff can use to improve what EPRD has to offer. She was elected to the Board for the first time in May 2022 for a 3-year term.
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Don Rosenthal, Second Vice President

Term expires: May 2027

Don Rosenthal began his second term on the EPRD Board in 2023. He is on the Board because he wants to help EPRD fulfill its mission of providing high-quality recreational opportunities to residents and to do it in a fiscally responsible manner. During this second term, his focus is on ensuring that EPRD implements its newly developed strategic plan, with particular emphasis on funding needed maintenance of existing facilities and, if funding allows it, further developing Buchanan Park. Don is an avid hiker and pickleball player and he co-runs the Evergreen Newcomers and Neighbors Summer Hiking Group. Before retiring from the corporate world in 2015, he led financial risk modeling for two large companies: Freddie Mac in the Washington D.C. area and State Street Bank in Boston. Prior to working in finance, he worked with the Federal government in Colorado and Washington D.C. on a variety of issues related to natural resource and energy economics. Don and his wife have lived in Evergreen part-time since 2012 and full-time since 2015. They also lived in Colorado in the 70s and 80s, and their two children were born in Fort Collins. Don holds a Ph.D. in economics from Colorado State University.
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Nina Armah, Secretary

Term expires: May 2027

Nina is a newcomer to Evergreen, and began her first term on the EPRD Board in May 2023.  She has always been a staunch advocate for community engagement which, along with a love of the outdoors, is what compelled her to join the Board. She is committed to learning about the concerns and aspirations of Evergreen residents, and to help bring about positive advancements and celebrate our vibrant mountain community. Her hobbies and interests include archery, knitting, trail running, climbing, horticulture, and literature. She also volunteers with various organizations related to Veterans' mental health advocacy, community tax aid, employment mentorship, and reading-based mentoring for elementary school students.
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Mary McGhee, Treasurer

Term expires: May 2025

Mary has been actively involved with EPRD for 30 years as a patron, volunteer, District taxpayer, and athletics employee.  She is on-site 4 days every week.  She has a comprehensive view of EPRD from the board room to the broom closet. 

In her free time, Mary volunteers with the Evergreen Rodeo and runs the DAR Good Citizen college scholarship for 4 area high schools.  Mary completed the NYC Marathon twice, is a local trail runner, 1st place overall winner in the EPRD Elk Meadow trail race, and was a YMCA lifeguard for 7 years. She is also a volleyball player and referee, horseback rider, certified Scuba Diver, and jumped the US Equestrian Team cross-country course at Gladstone NJ.

Mary has her BS in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University and her Masters in Computer Science. She has an expansive work history in electronic data systems engineering and has written software for companies across numerous industries. Mary's current job is with the State of Colorado Division of Gaming as a Senior IT System Auditor. She works with casino operators to enact and enforce regulations for accurate tax reporting, software field trials, and responsible casino gaming.
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Patrons can also reach the Board of Directors by calling 720-880-1019. Learn more about the Evergreen Park & Recreation District Bylaws here.