Climbing Pinnacle

Located at BPRC, the 41-foot rock-like freestanding pinnacle is located in the rotunda of the building. Sculptured and custom holds are embedded throughout the wall, and an overhang will challenge even the advanced climber. Note: Climbers must wear sturdy closed- toe shoes. Crocs, sandals and skirts are not allowed on the wall. Chalk is not allowed on the pinnacle, but eco balls are okay.

All climbing is at Buchanan Park Recreation Center (BPRC)

Belay Certified

Belay-certified climbers are welcome anytime during open hours unless there are classes/programs going on around the pinnacle (must pay facility fee). If harnesses are needed, they are available to rent (for an additional fee) at the Buchanan Park Recreation Center (BPRC) front desk.

Belay Lessons

  • Learn the techniques necessary to belay safely and become a belay certified climber on the BPRC pinnacle
  • Must pass the belay certification exam within three days after completing lesson
  • Fees: $20 for District Residents and $25 Non-District Residents

Belay & Auto Belay Certification (16 Plus Years)

  • The certification process gives three chances to demonstrate techniques learned
  • Certification available for belay
  • Belay certification required to utilize auto belay system outside of open climb hours
  • Once completed you will be issued a belay certification pass (valid for one year)
  • Fees: $11 for District Residents and $14 for Non-District Residents

Auto Belay

The new auto belay system will allow the experienced climber to come in and get that needed workout on the pinnacle without needing to have a partner to belay them. To be able to use the auto belay system during non-open climbing hours climbers will need to go through our belay certification process. 

Note: Belay certified climbers can climb anytime the facility is open, however; BPRC staff reserves the right to close certain routes or the entire pinnacle if there is other programming in need of the space and/or the pinnacle itself.

Buchanan Climbing Pinnacle with Girl Climbing

Adult Climbing Class

Adult Climbing Class (18 Plus Years)

  • Learn techniques while developing strength and endurance
  • Learn belay techniques and understand the basics of climbing and climbing terminology
  • All skill levels are welcome
  • No experience or previous climbing knowledge is required

Register Online for Adult Climbing

Sport Climbing Class (16 Plus Years)

  • Learn risk management plus lead belay and climbing technique
  • Prerequisite: Must have ability to climb a 5.8 on top rope

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Climbing Schedule


MondayOpen Climb3 to 4 PM
MondayYouth Climbing Class (4 to 6 years)4 to 5 PM
MondayYouth Climbing Class ( 7  to 12 years)5 to 6 PM
MondayCertification6 to 7 PM
TuesdayOpen Climb3 to 4 PM
TuesdayYouth Climbing Class (4 to 6 years)4 to 5 PM
TuesdayPre-Climbing Team (8 to 17 years)5 to 7 PM
TuesdayCompetitive Climbing Team (8 to 19 years)7 to 9 PM
WednesdayAdaptive Climbing Classes3:30 to 4:30 PM
WednesdayOpen Climb4:30 to 7 PM
ThursdayOpen Climb3 to 5 PM
ThursdayPre-Climbing Team (8 to 17 years)5 to 7 PM
ThursdayCompetitive Climbing Team (8 to 19 years)7 to 9 PM
FridayOpen Climb4 to 6 PM
FridayCertification6 to 7 PM
SaturdayYouth Climbing Class (4 to 6 years)12 to 1 PM
SaturdayYouth Climbing Class (7 to 12 years)1 to 2 PM
SaturdayOpen Climb2 to 4 PM
SundayCertification12 to 1 PM
SundayOpen Climb1 to 4 PM