Evergreen Park & Recreation District has outdoor pickleball and tennis courts available for the community.  Marshdale Park has 4 pickleball courts and 1 tennis court.  Wulf Recreation Center has 4 tennis courts. 
  1. Pickleball Courts
  2. Tennis Courts

People Playing Pickleball on Outdoor Courts


The District offers indoor and outdoor courts:

  • Dedicated courts (4) at Marshdale Park
  • Shared courts (4) in Gymnasium at Wulf Recreation Center


The Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) is starting a new procedure for reserving the outdoor courts at Marshdale Park. Please review the Marshdale Court Reservation Procedures and Rules (PDF) for more information on court reservations.

Marshdale Park Courts can be reserved:

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3 to 7 PM
  • Tuesday and Thursday from 8 AM to Noon

To access the Marshdale Pickleball Court schedule, visit the EPRD scheduling website. All other times are open for drop-in play, unless EPRD programs or classes are scheduled.

More Information

EPRD does not manage Level of Play, but recommends that participants divide themselves by ability and by court. There will be a notebook with daily sign-in sheets in the box at Marshdale. All players should sign in before playing.

Call Jeff Sweet at 820-880-1221 or email Jeff for more information.