Most water fitness classes and Masters Swimming are unavailable due to COVID-19. We have one water aerobics class available on Fridays at WRC at 9 AM. We tentatively have other classes scheduled to open in August. 

  1. Stretch & Tone (Easy Entry-Level)
  2. Water Walking (Moderate Entry-Level)
  3. Vortexercise (More Difficult)
  4. Water Aerobics
  5. Deep Water Aerobics
  6. Aqua Zumba
  7. Masters Swimming
  8. Paddle Board Yoga
  • Zero-impact, low-intensity class.
  • Improves flexibility, range of motion and stretching techniques
  • Designed to aid in injury rehabilitation and alleviates issues associated with arthritis
  • Class is conducted in a lap lane at Buchanan Park Recreation Center (BPRC) pool
  • Available for Insurance-Based Program members