Kids at Inspire CampInspire Camp LogoINSPIRE (Formerly Special Needs) Program

Incorporates opportunities for social, physical and inclusive recreational experiences for individuals with disabilities. INSPIRE believes that everyone, regardless of ability, deserves choices for health, recreation, education, and advocacy to enhance the quality of their lives.

Camp Overview

  • Exciting adventures for people with disabilities
  • Youth 5 to 17 (Colorado State Day Camp Licensed) and adults 18 and up
  • Each week has an educational adventure with a theme
  • INSPIRE Adventure Camp will begin May 27, 2020
  • INSPIRE Winter Break Camp runs Dec 23, 2019 through January 2, 2020
  • INSPIRE Spring Break Camp runs March 23 through March 27, 2020
  • Registration is required one month in advance of attending camp
  • Adventure Camp meets at Bergen Valley Elementary
  • Winter/Spring Break Camp meets at Buchanan Park Rec Center
  • A one-time annual fee (per person) of $25 is required prior to registration of this camp
  • Please bring a lunch and drink each day
  • Please wear closed-toe shoes and appropriate outdoor clothing
  1. Required Prerequisites/Forms
  2. Registration Fee
  3. Location
  4. Refunds, Transfers & Credits
  5. Staff/Licensing
  6. Field Trips
  7. Pick Up & Sample Schedule

To register, please complete:

You must also do the following:

  • You must have an interview and turn in all forms (above) before becoming involved in any activity with the District
  • You must sign up for all camps/events one-month in advance
  • Participants must have all paperwork turned in by May 1
  • Any child (5 to 17 years) who uses medications, g-tube, etc. and needs a health care plan, must  turn in paperwork by April 1 so the nurse can write a heath care plan
  • A pre-registration interview with coordinator is required for all participants - no exceptions
  • Each child/adult enrolled in the Inspire Adventure Camp must have on file the previously listed forms