Ice Skating at Buchanan Ponds

Buchanan Ponds skating closed for the '20-'21 season due to unstable ice. Please look for reservation time at Evergreen Lake. 

  • Masks are REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES while skating at Evergreen Lake House and Buchanan Ponds. 

  • Skate rentals NOT available at Buchanan Ponds. 

To help get more people on the ice this winter, we are trying something new! We are still working on some details, but below is what we have planned for ice skating at Buchanan Ponds subject to change:

  • We will create ice rinks. Each ice rink will be limited to 10 people.  You must maintain 6 feet of distance between households. 
  • For contact sports such as hockey or broomball, only one household per rink allowed. If you are doing skills/drills (no scrimmage/game) and can maintain 6 feet of distance between households, you can have more than one household per rink.
  • Tickets will be sold up to seven days in advance by time slots - online only.  No walk-up ticket sales. 
  • Tickets will be available through EPRD's registration software-ActiveNet, so if you don't have an EPRD account, we suggest setting one up now. Most EPRD patrons likely have an account, so you may only need to update your ActiveNet account rather than creating a new one.
  • Parking will be available at Buchanan Park Rec Center.
  • EPRD will use every other rink at staggered times to abide by health orders to maintain 50 feet between groups. 
  • Always call the Skating Hotline 720-880-1391 before heading to Evergreen Lake or Buchanan Ponds as fluctuating weather can affect hours of operation.
  • No refunds, credits, or transfers unless EPRD closes due to weather or ice conditions.
  • Masks are required.

Bring your own skates as no skate rentals will be available at Buchanan Ponds

Hours (new hours effective January 18, 2021)

Monday and Friday3 PM to 5 PM
Saturday and Sunday10 AM to 5 PM

*During Martin Luther King Day (January 18) and Presidents' Day (February 15), hours will be 10 AM to 5 PM.

Hourly Rink Rate (includes up to 10 people on same rink)
$40 DR
$50 NDR

How to Make an Ice Skating Reservation Document

Sorry, tickets will NOT be transferable between Evergreen Lake House and Buchanan Ponds. Please make sure you purchase tickets for the correct location.