INSPIRE (Special Needs)

Special Needs Winners at Colorado State Track and Field Championships

INSPIRE (Formerly Special Needs) Program

INSPIRE Someone TodayINcorporates opportunities for Social, Physical and Inclusive Recreational Experiences for individuals with disabilities.

INSPIRE believes that everyone, regardless of ability, deserves choices for health, leisure, recreation, education, advocacy and wellness to enhance the quality of their lives.

Offerings include camps and specialty classes such as:

  • Bowling
  • Golf
  • Group and private swimming lessons
  • Therapeutic horseback riding
  • Track
  • More

Summer INSPIRE Camps

INSPIRE Camps offer exciting adventures for people with disabilities.

Register for Summer INSPIRE Camps

Special Events:

Andy Smith Sr. INSPIRE Golf Tournament

The next Andy Smith Sr. INSPIRE (formerly Special Needs) Golf Tournament will be July 18, 2022.  Learn more about the Andy Smith Sr. INSPIRE Golf Tournament.

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  2. INSPIRE After School Activities
  3. INSPIRE Basketball
  4. INSPIRE Golf
  5. INSPIRE Swim Team
  6. INSPIRE Track
  7. INSPIRE Outings
  8. B.O.E.C
  9. Therapeutic Horseback Riding
  10. Adaptive Climbing
  11. Private/Semi-Private Swim Lessons