Recreational Gymnastics

See what it’s like to be a gymnast! Join our trained professionals in a class to teach coordination, strength, and flexibility while working gymnastics skills on each event. Progress through the program to the competitive team or build fundamentals that carry forward to other sports. For boys and girls ages 5 to 17.

All classes are held at Wulf Recreation Center.

  1. Hot Shots
  2. Kinder Kids
  3. Beginner Boys
  4. Advanced Boys
  5. Beginner Girls
  6. Intermediate Girls
  7. Advanced Girls
  8. Advanced Plus Girls Gymnastics
  9. Girls Pre-Team
  10. Tumble & Tramp

Hot Shots (4 to 6 Years)

  • For girls ages 4 to 6 showing natural strength and talent
  • Meets 2 times/week
  • By Invitation Only

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