Three youth practicing CPR on infant doll

Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) offers many educational classes throughout the year. Whether you are a teenager looking for your first babysitting job or someone wanting to learn another language, EPRD opens up educational opportunities for you and your family.

Babysitting Course (11 to 13 Years)

  • Helps prepare youth for first baby-sitting opportunities
  • Instruction includes:
    • Basic infant/child growth and development along with appropriate activities
    • CPR and choking procedures
    • Fire hazards and escape
    • Home and sitter safety
    • Minor injury treatment or how to handle an emergency
    • Parent and sitter responsibilities
    • Routine care such as feeding, bathing, and diapering
  • Includes certificate
  • Please bring a lunch and snack
  • Location: Buchanan Park Recreation Center
  • Time/Date: Next Babysitting Class is November 4.

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