The Wulf Recreation Center gymnasium features one full size basketball court, four additional side hoops, two volleyball courts, three pickleball courts and bleachers for fans to enjoy the action on the court. EPRD uses this facility for basketball leagues and clinics, volleyball leagues, pickleball, after-school programming, and open gym.

Click here for Gymnasium Schedule

(Note: The Above Schedule is Replaced with the Holiday Schedule for the weeks of Dec 19 thru 25 and Dec 26 thru Jan 4 .  Visit Here to See the Holiday Break Week Schedules)

Gym Usage/Rules

  • Food/Drink: Only water is allowed in the gym.  Food and other drinks must stay in the lobby area or outside.  No exceptions.
  • Bleachers: Please make sure the bleachers are locked in place before use.
  • Basketball Hoops: Hoops must be raised or lowered completely.  The side hoops must be raised to 10 feet before raising to the ceiling.  Please contact facility or athletic staff if you need help.
  • Ball Carts/Equipment: Please make sure ball carts and equipment are returned to their proper location. During volleyball, the basketball cart should be moved into the storage room to avoid the temptation for kids to start bouncing the basketballs on the side.
  • No bikes, black-soled or marking shoes allowed in the gymnasium. 

Thanks for your help in keeping the facility clean and safe for everyone!

Drop-In (Open) Gym

There are scheduled drop-in (open) gym hours intermittently throughout the week and on some evenings.  Always call ahead at 720-880-1200 as open gym times can change daily due to programs or events. PDF schedule available on sidebar.

Facility admission is required for open gym participation.  Organized team practices are not allowed during open gym times.