Evergreen Park & Recreation District offers yoga for young adults, art and music classes for toddlers, and Artful Journey classes for various ages.
  1. Young Rembrandts - Online Lessons
  2. Mad Science - Virtual Lessons
  3. Playschool Art and Music Magic
  4. Playschool Silly Science and Earth Explorers 
  5. Miss Fit Girls Yoga Fusion
  6. MYoga for High Schoolers
  7. Artful Journey Classes
  8. Little Medical School
  9. Little Veterinarian School 

Young Rembrandts - Online Lessons (Ages 4 and up)

Young Rembrandts Web Drawings Logo

Drawing class online while schools are closed! All you need is paper, pencil, sharpie, markers, and colored pencils.  You’ll be drawing monsters, flowers, animals, and more! Take lessons at your own pace and combat the stay-at-home blues with color and creativity!