Evergreen Lake House Upcoming Projects and Closure

Update as of August 24, 2019

As many may know, City and County of Denver (CCD) owns the land (Dedisse Park) where Evergreen Lake resides.  Evergreen Metropolitan District (EMD) owns the water rights to Evergreen Lake and Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) manages the lake recreational activities.  Prior to the closure of Evergreen Lake, CCD had made arrangements to have a paddleboard program on the lake on Friday, August 23.  CCD was informed of the closure for precautions of possible pollutants; however, CCD has decided to continue the program. The paddleboards will be under the control and supervision of CCD and they will be responsible to provide proper documentation to EMD the vessels have been checked prior to launch. While EMD has given special permission to CCD since they own the land, private boating is still not allowed as there is not staff to do inspections as EPRD boating operations ended on August 11. 

If you have questions regarding CCD’s usage of Evergreen Lake, please contact Cyndi Karvaski, City and County of Denver’s Public Information Officer.  Her number is  720-913-0620.

Update as of August 23, 2019

As many of you are aware, Evergreen Metropolitan District (EMD) along with Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) decided to close Evergreen Lake to all private boating as of Saturday, August 17, 2019. It was a decision made in the interest of protecting the water supply most of us rely on in the Evergreen area.  There have been numerous news reports of lakes throughout Colorado being closed due to blue-green algae or other invasive species/pollutants. The abrupt closure of private watercrafts of any kind was done as a precautionary measure to hopefully avoid having the same problem at Evergreen Lake. Any individual could bring their watercraft that had been in another body of water and unknowingly bring an invasive species. Once the zebra mussels, blue-green algae, or any other Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) takes hold, it can do significant damage. While recreational activities on the lake are something many of us enjoy, the safety of our water will always take precedence. Evergreen Lake is always subject to closure at any time if EMD feels the water quality or lake depths are at risk. 

A few comments have been made about this decision that we would like to address. First, EPRD did train employees to look for invasive species on private boats brought to the lake this year. Employees were instructed to inspect boats at check-in. Since boating operations are closed and the majority of staff have gone back to school, this can’t be monitored. Hence, the risk increased for individuals bring invasive species to our lake unintentionally.

The closure of private boating is not related to the boating passes sold as the passes were only valid for the times EPRD boating operations were open and the season ended Aug 11. EPRD had stated in many places such as the website and recreation guide that the boating season was ending on Aug 11 due to projects being planned at the Lake House, especially the entrance bridge replacement. 

EPRD and EMD will continue to work together to update the community as needed. We don’t know if there will be permanent changes going forward.   Both organizations are striving to allow recreational activities on Evergreen Lake while also keeping the water safe for all.

For additional information regarding blue-green algae, please visit: 

Information from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Information Sheet on Harmful Algae in Colorado

Update as of August 16, 2019

Evergreen Lake House boating operations are closed for the season.  Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) is getting ready for several lake projects such as the ADA restroom renovation, telecommunications project, concrete maintenance & repair and the entrance bridge replacement project. EPRD and Evergreen Metropolitan District (EMD) are working with the City and County of Denver (CCD) on the bridge replacement project which will begin in September and be overseen by CCD. We are waiting for the construction schedule, so exact dates are not yet available. EPRD will update our website as information becomes available.

NO private boating/watercraft of any kind is allowed effective August 17, 2019 due to concerns of invasive species such as zebra mussels and blue-green algaes on private watercrafts.  Evergreen Lake is a main water supply for the Evergreen area, so precautions are being imposed to safeguard against these contaminations. While boating operations are closed, you can still access and enjoy the Evergreen Lake Trail and fishing from appropriate areas along the trail.