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EPRD COVID Updates - January 5, 2021

EPRD is moving back to Level Orange. While restrictions are still in place, we are able to increase our capacity limits on many activities which we know many of you have been wanting. Reservations or registration will still be required. 

 We wanted to provide some information and links to various resources that may help with any questions.

Reservation Link for Sign-Up Genius

Below are changes taking place at EPRD effective Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

  • Current hours of facility operations: BPRC is open 6 AM to 1:15 PM and 2:30 PM to 7:15 PM, Monday through Friday and 7 AM to 2:15 PM on Saturday. WRC is open 6 AM to 1:15 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • BPRC and WRC will remain open with a maximum capacity of 25% or 25 people per room, whichever is less. Therefore, the number of slots available for using the cardio/weight rooms will be increased. Reservations are required through Sign Up Genius. 
  • Lap swimming: Patrons have the option of up to two people per lap lane from different households. You can have four per lane if you are from the same household.  All participants must be listed on the reservation prior to arrival and no drop-ins allowed. Reservations for lap swimming will be required through  Sign-Up Genius
  • Reservation sign-ups will be available 7 days in advance, to the minute.  For example, to sign up on Monday for an 11 am slot for the following Monday, you will need to wait until 11 am before it will show up as available. Please limit to one sign-up per day per person to allow for as many people as possible to utilize the recreation facilities. 
  • Aquatic classes can increase and family swim will be increased up to two families at a time. Aquatic classes still require reservations through Sign-Up Genius.  Family swim requires prior registration.
  • Showers and lockers remain closed. Come workout/swim-ready. Deck showers have been installed at both pools for swimmers to use.
  • Fitness classes are still available via in-person and online via Zoom. If you want to take classes via Zoom, you do have to pre-register so we can send you the appropriate login information.  See information on fitness classes.
  • We will continue  with our sports clinics such as basketball, but will be able to increase capacity limits with some classes/clinics. Since these are clinics/classes and not true leagues, we are able to offer them to the community. 
  • Gymnastics will increase to new participant levels.
  • Outdoor recreational activities may occur with 10 people or fewer and must maintain 6-feet of distance from non-household members. At Marshdale, only two pickleball courts and one tennis court will be available.  Pickleball courts are limited to 4 people per court and tennis is limited to 2 per court.  At Wulf Rec Center, tennis courts will be available.  The number of courts available will vary based on reservations number as we are limited to 10 people total for all four courts. Reservations are required through Krista Emrich.  Outdoor courts will be available from 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Sunday, weather permitting.
  • Indoor pickleball courts will be limited to a maximum of 4 people from up to 2 households. Each household must stay on one side of the court.  No mixed households on each side of the court.  We will charge a typical facility admission fee per person. No beginner, intermediate, advanced play will be allowed. Reservations required. Sign-Up Genius for Reservations
  • Child care - no changes to current operations per our state license. We have even extended our hours to support parents as schools are in 100% remote learning.  Child Care Information. 
  • Parks/Playgrounds- Capacity remains at 10 at a time. We suggest you bring your own sanitizing wipes as the play equipment is not cleaned on a frequent basis.
  • Open Climbing will reopen and be limited to 6 participants at a time.  You must be belay-certified by EPRD. Reservations are required through Sign-Up Genius.  
  • Ice skating at Evergreen Lake and Buchanan Ponds remains the same in Level Orange.  Details are now available on our skating page. Advance reservations are required, so if you don't have an ActiveNet account set up with EPRD, we suggest doing that now.  (Instructions are below) Most EPRD patrons likely already have an account, so you may only need to update your ActiveNet account rather than creating a new one. 
  • Patrons are required to wear face masks for indoor and outdoor activities. There are exceptions for those while swimming in the pool and health reasons.  A face shield is not an acceptable substitute for a cloth or disposable face covering. See information about face masks.
  • Waivers will need to be signed by patrons acknowledging we can not guarantee that you or your family will not become exposed to or infected by COVID-19 as a result of participation in an EPRD program, event, or activity. We will obviously be taking extra cleaning/disinfecting measures to minimize this risk as much as possible.

If you do not currently have a Sign-Up Genius account, it is very easy! They require a name, email, and password- that's it! Go to

Thanks to all of you for wearing your face masks, maintaining 6-feet, and washing/disinfecting your hands.  These safety precautions are critical in helping us stay open for recreation!  We will get through this! 

All future updates and changes can be found here on our website. We look forward to seeing you!

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