Photo of Rock Steady Boxing Program at Buchanan Rec Center.

Punch Back at Parkinson's featuring Jay Bird Boxing

Proven to Reverse, Reduce and Delay Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Punch Back at Parkinson's boxing class is a full-body workout regimen where you perform non-combat boxing exercises proven to slow the progression of Parkinson’s. A typical class will involve:

  • 60 minutes of movement & circuit training 
  • Stretching and warm-up exercises to prepare the body for the workout and injury prevention 
  • Punching speed bags to promote hand-eye coordination, and improve posture
  • Punching heavy bags/mitts to build strength, muscle tone, memory recall, and endurance
  • Vocal exercises are incorporated into the workout to assist with any voice disorder symptoms 
  • Footwork and agility exercises will be utilized to help improve balance and gait
  • A wealth of resources that encourage socialization, information sharing, and community building


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