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Aqua Aerobics

One of the greatest benefits from exercising in water is increased flexibility. You can perform exercises in water that may be difficult on land. The lessening effect from gravity helps joints move through a wider range of motion and helps achieve long-term flexibility. The water reduces the "weight" of a person by about 90%. The buoyancy of water provides a means of reducing stress on weight-bearing joints, muscles, and bones.

Water exercise encompasses all components of fitness: flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. When done regularly, water exercise can help reduce body fat and improve respiratory and cardiovascular performance. We have experience instructors, who offer different types of workouts. Try out all of our classes.

Buchanan Water Exercise Classes

Please see the calendar for exact days and times.

Stretch & Tone (Easy Entry-Level)

A zero-impact, low-intensity class. Improves flexibility, range of motion and stretching techniques. Designed to aid in injury rehabilitation and alleviates issues associated with arthritis. Class is conducted in a lap lane.

Water Walking (Moderate Entry-Level)

Low- to moderate-impact and intensity. Improves fitness, balance and cardiovascular strength. Conducted in vortex with exercises taught with and against water current. Class size limited to ten.

Vortexercise (More Difficult)

Class exercises vary in intensity levels to increase endurance, strength and cardiovascular ability. Conducted in vortex against water current. Class size is limited to ten.
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Wulf Water Exercise Classes

Please see the calendar for exact days and times.

Water Aerobics

Classes offer a variety of workouts, incorporating both zero- and moderate-impact. Various intensity levels offered, including workouts to increase flexibility, range of motion and muscle strength.

Deep Water Aerobics

Energetic, moderate- to high-intensity, zero impact class. Taught predominately in deep water. Exercises create a challenging aerobic workout utilizing core muscles. Floatation devices used. SilverSneakers® punch cards are not accepted for these classes.

Aqua Zumba®

Exhilarating, low-impact class, designed to improve body tone, balance and flexibility. Exercises choreographed to music. SilverSneakers® punch cards are not accepted for these classes.
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Water Exercise Fees

Good at Both Locations

Adult (19-59 yrs) 10-Punch Card
$60 $72
Senior (60+ yrs) 10-Punch Card
$58 $70
Drop-in Fee
  $8 $10

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Adult Lessons

Aquatic Adult Lessons

Please call the Wulf Aquatic office at 720.880.1217, if you are interested in participating in a class. If a class cannot be scheduled, staff will conduct periodic classes on a drop in basis.

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Lifeguard Training Courses

For more information about Lifeguard Training classes, please contact either aquatic office: Wulf 720.880.1217 or Buchanan 720.880.1117. Courses run concurrently for five consecutive Sundays, except for holidays with mandatory attendance required (no make-up days).
Information for all classes:
   •   Students must be age 15 by the end of the course
   •   Pass a prerequisite skills test, pass final skills and written exams at end of course
   •   Upon successful completion student receives 2 year certification for Lifeguard/First
       Aid/CPR/AED and a one-year certification for Bloodborne Pathogens
Location: Wulf Rec Center.

Lifeguard Training

Prerequisite Skills:
   •   Swim 300 yards without stopping
   •   Tread water 2 minutes using legs only
   •   Swim 20 yards, submerge to a depth of 9-10 feet, retrieve #10 brick and return to starting
       location (timed skill) Will return fall 2019.

Lifeguard Training Review

New class: 5/12/19. This American Red Cross class is for those who wish to recertify their Lifeguard Training certification. Bring your pocket mask to class. Upon successful completion participants will receive a 2-year certification for Lifeguard Training, First Aid and CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer. Contact Wulf Aquatic office at 720.880.1217.

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Coach Lisa Morrow designs workouts incorporating technique improvement and increased endurance to help triathletes and Masters swimmers prepare for competition. This group practices winter, spring and fall Tue/Thu mornings 9:30 - 10:45 AM and summer Thursday mornings 9 - 10:15 AM.

 Type  DR  NDR
 10 Punch Card  $77  $92
 Drop-in Fee    $9  $11

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Pool will be open for kayak skill practice on Sat, 4 - 5:30 PM will return in fall 2019. For more info call Wulf Rec Center Aquatic office at 720.880.1217.
Max 10 boats - Drop-in $6 DR / $8 NDR

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Becky Browne Recreation Supervisor - Aquatics 720.880.1217
Jenny Bolduc Aquatics Coordinator 720.880.1117
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