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Belay Certified

Belay-certified climbers are welcome anytime during open hours unless there are classes/programs going on around the pinnacle (must pay facility fee). If harnesses are needed outside of open climb, they are available to rent (for an additional fee) at the front desk. See certification information below.

Belay Lesson

Learn the techniques necessary to belay safely and have the opportunity to become a belay certified climber on the pinnacle. Note: To become certified, must pass a belay certification exam at least three days after completing lesson. $20 DR $25 NDR. Call 720-880-1100 to schedule an appointment.

Belay Certification (ages 16+)

The certification process gives three chances to demonstrate techniques learned. Once completed you will be issued a belay certification pass. The belay certification costs $11 DR $14 NDR.

Note: Belay certifications are valid for one year.
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Adult Climbing Class

Adult Climbing Class (ages 18+)

In this class climbers will learn technique while developing strength and endurance. The primary focus is to learn belay technique and to understand the basics of climbing and climbing terminology. If you are looking to try climbing for the first time or looking for a workout to challenge all your muscle groups, this is your class. No experience or previous climbing knowledge is required, only a willingness to learn. All skill levels are welcome. Will return in fall 2019.

Sport Climbing Class (ages 18+)

Learn risk management plus lead belay and climbing technique. Prerequisite: Must have ability to climb a 5.8 on top rope. Will return in fall 2019.

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Jarred Lilyhorn Facility Specialist 720-880-1211
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