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Teen & Adult Martial Arts (Iwayama Martial Arts of Evergreen in Partnership with EPRD)

Jujutsu (Jūjutsu) is a Japanese martial art consisting of mainly empty hand techniques and skills involving falling, tumbling, throwing, joint locks, holds, chokes, ground fighting/grappling, striking, blocking, self-defense, and many escape and protection skills (Arts). Buki Waza (weapons training) is also taught and part of the curriculum with a focus on traditional Samurai weapons such as sword, short and half stick, cane, four-foot staff, rope, and knife. Defense and application of modern day weapons such as side arms, pocket knives, batons, clubs, and canes are integrated into the curriculum where and when appropriate.

Kempo-Jutsu or “Fist Law” is taught and is a very effective blocking and striking system that was evolved and utilized by the Samurai to respond successfully to an attack. Samurai would employ the evasive movements and precision-oriented striking techniques of Kempo-Jutsu. Kempo-Jutsu helps to position oneself for a quick and efficient locking, throwing and grappling technique characteristic of the Aiki and Ju-Jutsu arts. Thus, Kempo-Jutsu and the arts of Jujutsu are meant to work in tandem.

Jujutsu & Kempo-Jutsu Martial Arts Class – Teen/ Adult (14+ yrs)

   •   Safe, friendly and healthy training environment
   •   Focus on personal growth and development
   •   Train towards rank advancement, proficiency and competency in the Martial Arts
   •   Jujutsu and Kempo-Jujutsu are primary training focus
   •   Location: Wulf Recreation Center (WRC)
   •   Contact: Please contact the Head Instructor, Eric Goslau, if you have questions. He can be
       reached at or call/text at 970.409.8019
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>Judo Club for Adults (14+ yrs)

   •   Focus on personal growth and development
   •   Hard & fun workout
   •   Learn the skills and technical strategy of Judo for competing or just having fun
   •   Judo/Martial Arts Uniform recommended (speak with instructor ahead of time if you need to
       purchase a training uniform)
   •   Location: Wulf Recreation Center (WRC)
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Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a Taoist internal martial art. It is learned within an ancient system of fluid, rounded, and balanced movements. Practiced daily, Tai Chi will promote spiritual, emotional, & physical equilibrium.

Tai Chi Chuan - Beginner (16+ yrs)

   •   Beginner stage - The whole form will be taught
   •   Location: Wulf Recreation Center (WRC) & Buchanan Park Recreation Center (BPRC)
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Tai Chi Chuan - Intermediate (16+ yrs)

   •   Intermediate stage – Continuation of form will be taught
   •   Location: Wulf Recreation Center (WRC) & Buchanan Park Recreation Center (BPRC)
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Tai Chi Chuan – Summer 2019

   •   There are no scheduled classes for Tai Chi this summer
   •   From Jun 3 – Aug 27 individuals can practice form without instruction free of charge
       •   Mon from 7:30 - 8:30 PM with Jan Schatuet
       •   Tue from 8 - 9 AM with Mary Pulick
   •   Location: Evergreen Lake

Tai Chi Chuan Instructors:

   •   Mary Pulick has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan in Evergreen for 40 years, and has studied with
       many Chinese masters. She is also a licensed acupuncturist who interned in China. Mary
       founded Tai Chi Chuan of Evergreen, these classes can be found at both Buchanan and Wulf
       Recreation Centers.
   •   Jan Schatvet began his Tai Chi Studies in 1983. He learned The National Peoples Republic
       Short Yang form followed by The Chen Pan Ling Form. In 1988 while in California he learned
       The Cheng Man Ch’ing Short Yang Form. This is the form he is teaching. Through the years
       he has studied other forms and types of Chi Cultivation.


Kendra Lind Recreation Supervisor - Programs 720.880.1226