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We are Iwayama (Rocky Mountain) Martial Arts in Evergreen, Colorado at the Wulf Recreation Center. At Iwayama Martial Arts we are dedicated to developing our Teen and Adult Martial Art students through the practice and propagation of a curriculum composed primarily of Jujutsu and Kempo-Jutsu.

Jujutsu (Jūjutsu), literally meaning the "art of softness", is a Japanese martial art consisting of mainly empty hand techniques and skills involving falling, tumbling, throwing, joint locks, holds, chokes, ground fighting/grappling, striking, blocking, self-defense, and many escape and protection skills (Arts). Buki Waza (weapons training) is also taught and part of the curriculum with a focus on traditional Samurai weapons such as sword, short and half stick, cane, four foot staff, rope, and knife. Defense and application of modern day weapons such as side arms, pocket knives, batons, clubs, and canes are integrated into the curriculum where and when appropriate.

Kempo-Jutsu or “Fist Law” is taught and is a very effective blocking and striking system that was evolved and utilized by the Samurai to respond successfully to an attack. Samurai would employ the evasive movements and precision-oriented striking techniques of Kempo-Jutsu. Kempo-Jutsu helps to position oneself for a quick and efficient locking, throwing and grappling technique characteristic of the Aiki and Ju-Jutsu arts. Thus, Kempo-Jutsu and the arts of Jujutsu are meant to work in tandem.

We offer a safe, friendly and healthy training environment that focuses on personal growth and development for teen adults and adult students as they train hard towards rank advancement and proficiency and competency in the Arts. The Head Instructor strongly believes in the value gained from the practice and training of Jujutsu and Kempo-Jujutsu. Together, with the assistant instructors, we are dedicated to helping each student reach their personal goals.

Please contact the Head Instructor, Eric Goslau, if you have questions. He can be reached at goslau@att.net or call/text at 970-409-8019.

Location: Wulf Recreation Center. For the complete schedule, please click on the Register Online button.

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