Workplace Wellness

WRC Fitness

Employee wellness & promoting a healthy lifestyle is worth the investment!

Improve job performance by 15%. Capitalize on your greatest resource - the overall well-being of your employees. Improving health and fitness results in significantly better productivity and quality.
   •   Increases productivity
   •   Lowers healthcare costs
   •   Decrease absenteeism & staff turnover
   •   Raises employee morale
   •   Enhance your company image

EPRD's Workplace Wellness Program Works for Businesses of All Sizes!

Business Membership Wellness Rates - 6 Month Pass

   •   Level One 5 employees $165 per person
   •   Level Two 6-9 employees $155 per person
   •   Level Three 10+ employees $145 per person
Plus one-time fee of $3 for a District ID card/person

Workplace Wellness Participation Agreement and staff lists must be provided to EPRD prior to any discounts, and updated every 6 months.

For info or to set up a workplace wellness program, contact Jarred Lilyhorn, Facility Specialist at 720.880.1211,