Advertising and Sponsorship

Recreation Guide Advertising

Published 3 times a year by the District staff. This guide is delivered to over 23,000 addresses. For space availability, please contact Ann Marie Edwards at 720.880.1010 or email.

Use of the Evergreen Park & Recreation District’s facilities, programs, and properties gives the District the right to use photographs, likenesses, etc., without having to obtain permission or pay a fee.

Advertisement Opportunities

District Recreation Guide
Recreation Center Classrooms or Gymnasium (Gym Scoreboards as an example)

Sponsorship Opportunities

Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) offers numerous events and recreational opportunities for our community. We take pride in our events and work hard for them to be successful and enjoyed by all. Our marketing efforts allow businesses to enjoy exposure to individuals who are generally health/fitness/outdoor individuals and family-oriented members. EPRD is 50/50 M/F and include professionals, families, and older adults.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of our events, please review the sponsorship brochure that contains detailed information about our events and opportunities available to further your marketing objectives. For the sponsorship brochure please click here.

To view the complete copy of the EPRD advertising and Sponsorship Policy under District Wide Policies & Procedures click here.