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District Information

What is the mission of EPRD?

The mission of EPRD is to improve the quality of life of the Evergreen community by providing a wide range of excellent, financially responsible park and recreation amenities while maintaining and enhancing the mountain character of the area.

How Does EPRD get its money?

In 2019, EPRD is budgeted to receive Property Tax and Auto Registration revenue of $2,404,835 or 36% of operating funds. The District is also expected to generate $4,215,469 or 64% in total operating revenue from service fees, including admissions, memberships to recreation centers, skating, boating, swimming, children’s programs, gymnastics, sports and summer camps. The District is also expected to receive $818,000 in lottery and grant funds for capital projects in 2019.

Who Does EPRD Serve?

EPRD serves all people of every age and ability. The District serves a population of approximately 23,000 people residing within the EPRD boundaries.

Resident/Non-Resident Info

Who is a resident?

A resident is defined as one who either resides or personally owns real-estate within the EPRD boundaries. If your residency is in question you can bring a copy of your property tax statement for verification when you register. Please be prepared to show your ID for proof of residency with either a bill or tax ID to receive the in-district rate for drop-ins or are new in our system.

I live in Evergreen why am I considered a non-resident?

The boundaries of EPRD include portions of Evergreen, Kittredge, Morrison/Golden Sectors, and Indian Hills.

What are the benefits to residents by paying the property tax to EPRD?

Since District residents contribute through property taxes, they receive a discount on fees to use EPRD facilities, which is reflected in our DR/NDR pricing tier.

What if I rent an apartment and do not own property?

If you reside within EPRD boundaries, you are considered a resident and are entitled to the resident rate for programs, classes and facility admissions.

Can Non-Residents use EPRD facilities and services?

Non-residents are welcome to participate in programs and services at a non-resident rate.

Registration Information

How do I register for EPRD programs?

Please register online, apm.activecommunities.com/eprd/Home or visit one of recreation centers.

Does EPRD offer program or service scholarships?

The District does offer financial need-based scholarships for programs, classes and facility admissions. The scholarship program is supported through funds raised by Active4All Evergreen Foundation. Scholarship applications and contract forms with criteria for acceptance are available on website.

How do I obtain a copy of the most recent program guide?

EPRD Recreation guides are mailed three times a year and a Summer Camp supplement guide is available in March. You can view the interactive guide and download an electronic copy, learn more.

How can I know if a class is age-appropriate for my child?

Our registration software is sensitive to age appropriate registration. If your child is not of the age indicated for the class it would not allow you to register. If you have any specific request please contract the appropriate supervisor.

Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?

Yes, when you create an account on our registration program you will receive an email to verify your email address and any future registrations you will receive an email for confirmation.

If I want to suggest a class for EPRD to offer, or if I want to teach a specific class, how do I go about doing this?

Please contact Recreation Manager for any special requests.

Payment Information

Can I use my credit card to register?

Yes, you may use a credit card to register online for classes and programs.

Does Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) store my credit card information?

EPRD uses Active Network as our member management software and Active Network is in full PCI compliance. EPRD does not store any credit card information on our hardware nor can staff access credit cards unless its to pay for EPRD programs and activities or to pay for EPRD services.

What are your refund policies

Unfortunately we are only able to give refunds for medical or life altering situations. Please contact program or facility supervisor to request consideration for any refunds.

Facility Information

What are the facility hours for Wulf and Buchanan Park Recreation Center?

Wulf Recreation Center Regular Hours of Operation are Mon - Fri 5:30 AM - 9 PM and Sat - Sun 7 AM - 7 PM. Buchanan Park Recreation Center Regular Hours of Operation are Mon - Fri 5 AM - 9 PM, Sat 7 AM - 7 PM and Sun 8 AM - 6 PM. Please note: Front doors are locked 15 minutes before closing time. Holiday Facility Hours can be found on website evergreenrecreation.com.

The recreation centers offer multi-use, monthly, and annual passes. Can they be used at both recreation centers?


How do I cancel my monthly pass?

You can cancel your monthly pass with a 30-day notice. You will need to complete the cancellation request available on our website (under District Forms & Policies) or fill out the form at the front desk.

Can someone else use my punches?

No, unfortunately we do not allow individuals to share their punches. They are for individual use only.

Do you provide lockers for the locker rooms?

Yes, lockers are on a first come, first serve basis. EPRD does have a limited number of lockers for rent with a 3-month minimum commitment. Lockers are $10/month. You are allowed to bring your own lock to keep your valuables safe; however EPRD reserves the right to disable/cut the lock if deemed necessary for safety reasons or if the lock has not been removed after a certain time frame.

How old do you need to be to use the weight room?

EPRD cardio/weight area are available to patrons 9 years or older. For safety reasons, youth 9-15 years must be accompanied by a paid adult (18 + years). Teens 13-15 years who would like to use the weight/cardio area without an adult, may schedule a weight room orientation ($10 DR, $13 NDR) or a private/semi private session with a personal trainer.

When is open gym?

There are Open Gym hours at the WRC gymnasium intermittently throughout the week and on most Saturday & Sunday evenings. Please call ahead 720.880.1200 as these hours are subject to change based on programming needs and weather.

Why do I have to bring in my ID card?

First and foremost, EPRD requires an EPRD ID card for safety and security of all our patrons. Secondly, ID cards help us expedite people in an efficient manner when everyone is checking in using the same routine.

How do I get directions to a park or facility?

Please visit our website at evergreenrecreation.com to view our parks or facilities and their locations.

Child Care

Is childcare available for classes?

Do you have an after school program?

Yes we offer Before/After School Enrichment programs as well as Preschool-Kindergarten and School Age before and after school care.


Who can I talk to about problems encountered while participating in EPRD recreational classes?

If you are encountering problems please contact the Program Area Supervisor i.e., Gymnastics Supervisor if it is specific to Gymnastic offering, or please contact the Recreation Manager.

Who do I call concerning problems in an EPRD park(s)?

Our Park Operations Department can be contacted at 720.880.1016. For a complete list of EPRD owned and/or maintained parks, please visit our website.


Do you have room rentals available?

EPRD has a variety of rooms available to for rentals. Please visit our facilities for a tour or visit our website for rooms available.

How do I rent a field?

Please visit our website for available field rental opportunities. Submit requests to the Recreation Supervisor - Athletics.

How do I rent an ice skating rink for a party?

When is a park permit necessary?

A park permit is required for any scheduled park activity of 25 or more attendees. The park permit application can be found on the Forms and District Policies page. Please contact the Office Administrator - Parks for further details.

What are some common park policies?

Please clean up after your pets and have on lease, please leave park in good condition free of trash, and for safety of all please report any unsafe conditions to Parks Operations Manager or Recreation Manager.


How do I find out about the Evergreen Golf Course?

The Evergreen Golf Course is owned by Denver Mountain Parks.

Are there any current job opportunities available at EPRD?

Visit our Employment Opportunities page for the current job listings.

I have a new address, how do I make sure EPRD has my correct information?

Patrons are always welcome to call 720.880.1100 or visit our facilities and request staff to make necessary changes to your account. Please be prepared to have documentation of the changes.

What is the snow removal procedures and practices?

Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) is responsible for plowing, shoveling and if needed, sanding of the sidewalks and parking lots of District facilities and trails in the event of snow. The District does not plow, shovel or sand playgrounds, outdoor tennis courts, ball fields or the skate park.

Are there volunteer/internship opportunities at EPRD?

Yes EPRD offers a variety of volunteer to internship opportunities as many of our programs run year round and district offers several annual events. Please contact Recreation or Human Resource Manager for details.

Does EPRD have programs for seniors?

EPRD offers several programs for older adults such as SilverSneakers® fitness classes, Cultural Excursions, reduced rates for facility passes and much more for current offerings please visit our website at the above links or pick up one of our recreation guides at any district facility.