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EPRD Turns 50!

EPRD 50th

Fun Fact Friday

Each week we will present a new "fun fact" of the District.
Week 3: EPRD's INSPIRE (formerly Special Needs) Program began over 20 years ago with 5 participants. There are now over 92 participants.
Week 2: The main reason to form EPRD in 1969 was to provide a community pool. The pool at Wulf Recreation Center is now 47 years old. While repairs and maintenance have been done over the years, this is still the original pool. EHS & CHS swim teams along with Hurricanes swim team train out of this pool year-round.
Week 1:
In Jan 1969, Evergreen Metropolitan Recreation and Park District (now Evergreen Park & Recreation District) was formed with a vote of 468 for; 427 against. We signed a 99-yr lease with Jeffco School District to use land to build the community’s first recreation center. Wulf Recreation Center still sits on Jeffco School land today.

Ice Safety

Ice Safety

Ice on Evergreen Lake

The ice forming on Evergreen Lake is a delightful reminder that skating season is here, but make sure you know how to be safe out on the ice.

Please watch the website for updates by clicking here or call the Skating Hotline at 720-880-1391 because the ice has to be at least 12 inches thick. Even when the rinks are open, be aware that the groomed, designated skating rinks on the west side of the lake are the ONLY place on Evergreen Lake where the ice is tested daily to assure it's safe. Fishing or walking anywhere else is at your own risk, so please use common sense. Safety first! Download the Ice Safety brochure here.