Parks and Fields

General Information

The Evergreen Park & Recreation District owns over 75 acres of parkland on 15 different parcels and partners with various other agencies in the management of approximately 180 additional acres on 7 additional parcels. Components of the Evergreen Park & Recreation District's managed park property include:
   •   5 Ball diamonds
   •   4 Multipurpose fields
   •   1 Open turf
   •   8 Picnic grounds/shelters
   •   5 Playgrounds
   •   2 Tennis court locations

The District does not have any overnight park facilities. Fires are not allowed. Jefferson County’s leash law is applied to District Properties. Please pick up after your pet while using EPRD Parks. Jefferson County Animal Control has jurisdiction over dog issues in unincorporated Jefferson County. The Animal Control Office can be reached Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM at 303-271-5070. After hours and animal emergencies may use 303-277-0211.


If interested in reserving a park shelter for a party or other event, please contact Denise Schupp, 720-880-1016, regarding information about applying for an EPRD Park Permit. Park permits are required for groups of 25 or more and suggested for any size group to reserve the space. Park permit forms and regulations can be found on the Forms & District Policies page. We also offer 30 x 30 tents, a 16 x 20 mobile stage and tables & chairs for rent.

Memorials / Tributes

Evergreen Park & Recreation District offers the opportunity to honor loved ones through our memorial bench donation program. Please contact the Park Operations Office at 720-880-1016 to further discuss the details regarding our guidelines for this program.

Park Types

There are four types of parks that exist within the Evergreen Park & Recreation District: Regional, Community, Specialty, and Neighborhood. The bulk of the District's park work is with community and specialty parks; and although it is a goal to increase the inventory of all public parkland in the District, it is with these smaller parks that most of our labor, and our funds will be spent.

Regional Parks

Regional parks are the work of federal, state, county, and City of Denver agencies. The District exercises an important advisory role with these agencies in the development of large regional parks. It is through the District's input on these projects that it has been able to promote preservation of Evergreen's natural environment and the mountain character of our community.

Community Parks

Community parks normally consist of a few acres of land improved with parking, playground and picnic equipment, ball fields, bicycle paths, and where feasible, grass.

Specialty Parks

Specialty Parks are designed or designated for special uses, often requiring the construction of facilities unique to those uses.

Neighborhood Parks

Neighborhood parks are small parcels of land intended to serve high density populations in their surrounding neighborhoods and may be privately owned for the exclusive use of local residents.