INSPIRE (Special Needs) School Break Camps

INSPIRE School Breaks Camps

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EPRD’s INSPIRE Program (formerly Special Needs) INcorporates opportunities for Social, Physical and Inclusive Recreational Experiences for individuals with disabilities. INSPIRE believes that everyone, regardless of ability, deserves choices for health, leisure, recreation, education, advocacy and wellness to enhance the quality of their lives.

INSPIRE (Special Needs) School Break Camps

Winter Break Camp

Come join us at Buchanan Park Recreation Center for INSPIRE (formerly known as Special Needs) Winter Break Camp. Camp will be full of crafts, trips, swimming and active games. Must have 8 participants to have program go for Winter Break Camp. The dates of camp are Dec 23, Dec 26, Dec 27, Dec 30, and Jan 2 - 3. Camps normally run from 9 AM - 4 PM except where noted. Exciting Adventures for youth 5-18 (Colorado State Day Camp Licensed) and adults 19 and up. Participants have the adventures of a lifetime. Register by December 8 for Winter Break Camp.
Date Activity DR NDR
12/23 Field Trip - Movie & Mall $55 $66
12/24 Christmas Eve - No Camp
12/25 Christmas Day - No Camp
12/26 Field Trip - Where Did Santa Go? $55 $66
12/27 Skate at Lake
$38 $48
12/30 Field Trip - Lunch & Spa Day
$55 $66
12/31 New Year's Day Eve - No Camp
1/1 New Year's Day - No Camp
1/2 Sled & Swim $38 $48
1/3 Field Trip - Film, Art & Science $55 $66
No camp December 24, 25, 31 and January 1

Spring Break Camp

Come join us at Buchanan Park Recreation Center for INSPIRE (formerly known as Special Needs) Spring Break Camp. Come have fun! The dates of camp are March 23 - 27. Must have 5 participants to have program go for Spring Break Camp. Camp runs from 9 AM - 4 PM. Exciting Adventures for youth 5-18 (Colorado State Day Camp Licensed) and adults 19 and up. Participants have the adventures of a lifetime. Register by March 14 to attend Spring Break Camp.
Date Activity DR NDR
3/23 Spring Into Action, Swim $38 $48
3/24 Explore Our Community $38 $48
3/25 Field Trip - Spring Roll $55 $66
3/26 Field Trip - Movie Madness $55 $66
3/27 Field Trip - Out To Lunch $55 $66

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Registration Fee

A one-time annual fee (per person) of $25 is required prior to registration of one of our licensed programs. Click on the Register Online button to pay this fee BEFORE registering for this program.
Register Online

Registration Information

To register, please complete:
   •   Youth Application - INSPIRE
   •   Parent Handbook & Signature Page
   •   Statement of Physical Condition (signed by physician)
   •   Immunization Document
   •   Immunization Medical Exemption Form
   •   Behavior plan (if needed)
   •   Childcare Medication Authorization Forms Medication Policy: No child/adult will be allowed
       to attend without a medical health care plan, for a child/adult that requires medication during
       program hours. This health care plan must be signed by a physician. Medications are kept in
       a secured medication bag or box and are only administered by a certified medication
       administrator designated by our nurse consultant in compliance with the nurse practice act.
       Medication forms must be submitted prior to enrollment.)
   •   You must have an interview and turn in all forms (above) before becoming involved in any
       activity with the District
   •   A pre-registration interview with coordinator is required for all participants - no exceptions
   •   Each child/adult enrolled in the INSPIRE School Break Camp must have on file the previously
       listed forms

Refunds, Transfers, and Credits

   •   Due to program operations in preparing for a quality program, refunds, transfers or credits will
       not be issued. This includes but not limited to refunds, transfers or credits for sick days,
       partial days or transferring from one day to another.
   •   Any transfers that occur must be based on space availability, will need to be approved by
       the INSPIRE Coordinator during business hours, and a $5 transfer fee will be charged.
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INSPIRE counselor/child ratio depends on the needs of the child. Colorado State Day Camp Licensed. Safe environment supervised by experienced recreation professionals.
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General Information

Camp is offered Mon through Fri from 9 AM - 4 PM, please be prompt. We will no longer provide before and after care as there were not enough participants. The staff may be able to accommodate you with private pay. Please bring a lunch, snack and drink each day, as well as non-scuffing tennis shoes for use in the gym, and appropriate outdoor clothing. For specific activity information, see calendars and parent check list from the pdf forms above.

Medical paperwork is mandatory if your child requires medication. Children will be registered upon receipt of the required forms and fees (see above) unless notified.
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Specialty Classes


Ski at Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC). Leave Wulf Rec at 7:30 AM and return at 4 PM. Will return in winter 2020.

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What to Bring

Children need to bring a sack lunch, drink, snack, and a water bottle. Please wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Please bring appropriate warm clothing for winter/spring camp.
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Maren Schreiber INSPIRE Coordinator 720-880-1219
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