Youth Martial Arts

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Youth Martial Arts (Iwayama Martial Arts of Evergreen in Partnership with EPRD)

   •   Ages: 8-14 years
   •   Primarily Jujutsu, involving falling, tumbling, throwing, joint locks, holds, chokes, ground
       fighting/grappling, striking, blocking, weapons, self-defense, and many escape and
       protection skills
   •   Safe, friendly and healthy training environment that focuses on personal growth and
       development for youth
   •   Train towards rank advancement and proficiency and competency in the Arts
   •   Please contact the Head Instructor, Eric Goslau, if you have questions, or
       call/text at 970.409.8019.
   •   Location: Wulf Recreation Center
   •   Will return in fall 2019


Kendra Lind Recreation Supervisor - Programs 720.880.1226